sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2009

forging bonds

Hoy, con las nalgas molidas y despues de dormir 16 hs puedo decir que nuestra intervención en el centro de adultos mayores fue todo un exito!


We continue in the chair in social psychology, so that intervention in the nursing home is not the end. Our fundamentation is based on the analysis of everyday life, the conception of subject Pichon Riviere, and the significant impact these in the social structure. I would add the effort and dedication of all my classmates from college, far from all are the best I know. Grandparents, happy!We prepared a carnival for them, with games, prizes, music and dancing. Students at the schoolhouse Argañaraz they showed a dance.

Never forget the day of the carnival "formando lazos". Actually, that was our goal, forging bonds, and we did!

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